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Our 1865 Originals

Wahoo Base Ball Club of Dexter

Not a lot is known about base ball in Dexter during the 1860's, but fortunately we are one of the few clubs that have a photo showing the club in 1865 along with names of the men in the photo.  You can see that photo to the right, showing the 'Wahoo Base Ball Club of Dexter (back row) and Ann Arbor Base Ball Club (front row).  Below you will find information for the men that made up the 1865 Dexter club front left to right.


We want to show the type of men that made up the Dexter club as well as their backgrounds and their family backgrounds.  We also wanted to show the relationships between the players, many of whom were friends.  We hope you enjoy finding out more about the 1865 'Wahoo Base Ball Club of Dexter.'


(back row, left to right)

Irving Keal, RF

June 1, 1842 - February 13, 1907.  Irving Keal was born in Ann Arbor to Thomas and Rosalind Keal.  Irving moved to Dexter and became a druggist along with Dr. Alexander Ewing (father of fellow wahoo Henry Ewing).  After the death of Dr. Alexander Ewing, Irving ran the business by himself.  He married Jennie (Smith) on November 28, 1864.  Irving spent 10 years later in life as a commercial traveler, otherwise was a active business man in Dexter throughout his life.

George Hosler, C

1847 - January 30, 1923.  George was born in Michigan to William and Ann.  William came from New York, while Ann was born in England.  Records show that in 1850 the family was living in Dexter where William was a  Wagon Maker.  Although Georges older brother followed his father into the carriage making business, George instead became a painter.  While in Dexter he painted the scenery used in 'Sills Hall,' in downtown Dexter.  On April 15, 1873 he married Mary Atkins.  In 1880, he found his way to Flint and was employed as an ornamental painter while living with his younger brother.  He died in Chatham Ontario.

Ed Appleton, 3B

September 22, 1845 - August 1, 1930.  Edward Everett Appleton was born in Bellefontaine Ohio to Stacy and Sarah (Gleason) Appleton.  They found their way to Dexter Michigan where Ed would marry Ellen (Sill) on June 8, 1870.  Ed worked as a druggist in Dexter and a lawyer for 60 years.  When he died, he was living in Grand Rapids.

George Smith, 2B

December 4, 1846 - September 11, 1919.  Beyond being born in New York, not a lot is known about George Smith until 1871.  On November 27, 1871 he married Henrietta (Savery) who lived in Dexter.  In 1880 it is shown in the census records that he was a farmer at the time while living in Livingston County, MI.  In the 1900 census he is living in Detroit still with Henrietta and is now a landlord.

Bryon Tyler, 1B

January 1844 - December 17, 1924.  Byron was born in Pinckney, MI to Edmund and Christine (Eamans) Tyler.  His family moved to Dexter and lived on the corner of Central and Second St, conveniently across from the Dexter Railroad Station where Bryon worked for the Michigan Central Railroad. 

George Presley, CF

June 6, 1847 - January 22, 1931.  George Presley was born in Lansing, MI to Thomas and Martha (Smith) Presley, both of which were born in England.  He married Minnie (Allen) on June 30, 1875.  In 1880, he and Minnie were living in Midland, MI where he was working as a Register of Deeds.  By 1900, they had moved back to Lansing where George was now working as a clerk at the Department of State.  Records show that George had been working at the Department of State since at least 1891 as a 'corporation clerk' and was making a salary of $1,ooo at that time.


Eugene Beal, SS

February 26, 1846 - November 22, 1922.  Eugene Everett Beal was born to Emory and Sofia (Rice) Beal.  Eugene was raised on a farm and at 15 came into Dexter to attend school.  At 17 he became a clerk at Beal & Field, which was a dry goods store.  Eugene spent a couple years in Minnesota where he started the firm 'Beal Brothers' and spent one year in 1870 as the sheriff of Benton County.  Married Rutilla (Keith) from Dexter in the early 1870's.


Henry Ewing, P

Born around 1850.  Born to Dr. Alexander Ewing of Dexter, MI.  In 1870 he is listed in the census records as living in New York and working as a Dentist.  He married Caroline Ryno in New York on October 7, 1875.  Between his married to Caroline in 1875 and the census records in 1900 Henry passed away.  The census records from 1900 show that Caroline had moved back in with her father and was listed as a widow.  Henry's father Dr. Alexander Ewing was a surgeon during the Civil War with the 13th Michigan Infantry. 


Ed Hoyt, LF

Very little can be found on Ed Hoyt beyond that he was born 1846 and his marriage.  On September 16, 1873 he married Ella (Guest) of Dexter.  It is mentioned in his marriage to Ella that Ed was a bookkeeper and stenographer of good ability.

Thank you to the Dexter Area Historical Society for their help in compiling this information.

If you can provide any additional information about our club or the players listed above, we would be very interested in finding out more.  Please contact us at

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