Dexter Daze 2015

On a warm Saturday as part of Dexter Daze the Union men were excited to take the field after having the previous week off.  With their scheduled opponent unable to make the trip, captain Honest Jon from Chelsea was able to pull together a group of Monitors and Merries in less than 48 hours to prevent Dexter from having to cancel the match.  We are extremely grateful for their willingness to help us out on an off weekend.  It was a very fun and relaxed match between the two clubs with just as many high fives as great plays.  Chelsea struck well and often taking the lead and never looking back.  Dexter did manage to have their strongest inning in the ninth and with the opportunity to bat last put a couple tallies on the board to keep it interesting.  In the end they fell 3 runs short to the group from Chelsea.  Matches like these are why we play historic base ball.  Just some friends getting together and having fun, joking and sharing a meal.  It was a beautiful day and we owe a huge HUZZAH to the men and women from Chelsea that came out to the field at St. Joseph.  We look forward to seeing the Monitors at our next match in Chelsea on August 29th.

* A representative from the Saginaw Old Golds was present and played with the Chelsea club for this match.  We hear he goes by 'Tree Trunk,' but we prefer 'Stains.'  He was a fine ballist and an even finer gentlemen.  Thanks for spending the day with us Stains!

You can check out photos from the match by going here