Gatling Gun in Chelsea

Three clubs came together in Chelsea for a Gatling Gun Tournament, the visiting Union Base Ball Club of Dexter along with the Continental Base Ball Club of Kalamazoo joined the home club Monitor Base Ball Club of Chelsea.

Before the match started, the three clubs took part in a Chelsea tradition of doing some skill competitions.  The two skills competitions today were a 'fleetest foot'', a relay of 3 players from each club racing around the bases for the best overall time.  The second skills competition was to see who could catch the most fly balls (not on the bound) in 90 seconds.  Each club had one batter and one man in the field catching the fly balls.  Dexter was fortunate enough to win the 'fleetest foot' by less than one second and also took the fly ball challenge, with 11 caught fly balls in 90 seconds.

That was the where Dexter's success ended for the day.  While the men from Dexter played solid defense, they were unable to get many hits and ended up coming in 3rd place in the tournament.  Kalamazoo came away with the win, scoring over 20 tallies.  Congrats to the men from Kalamazoo and thank you to Chelsea for play host and for providing us with a great meal afterwards.