From Flint to Dexter

This was the third and final meeting in 2014 between the Lumber City Base Ball Club of Flint and the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter.  The day started with rain and looked like it was not going to be a good day for base ball, but the two clubs agreed to to play and it ended up being a beautiful day in Dexter.

On this day, the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter was without their captain Donovan 'Mad Dog' Hill.  Greg 'No Show' Gould would fill in as captain for the day and welcome the men from Flint to St. Joes.  No Show did a great job filling in as captain and we thank him for his leadership.

The match started with Flint batting and they managed to send six men up to bat.  They were able to strike for five singles, bringing two around before Dexter was able to get the third out.  When Dexter got to bat in the first, sending four men up to the plate and only managing one hit on a single by Bucko.  In the second inning, the Union struck for three singles, but were still unable to put any tallies on the board.  The men from Dexter continued to struggle hitting as they only hit for three more singles through the end of the fifth inning, still unable to bring any tallies across the plate.

After starting the game strong, the Flint men struggled for a couple innings before getting back around the bases.  They managed to get seven singles, with 'smoothie' contributing for three of those.  Flint was able to add two more tallies with a strong fifth inning, bringing the score to 4-0 at the end of the fifth.

In the sixth inning Dexter begun to show signs of life and they started hitting the ball and getting around the bases.  After a single by Buckeye, Dash had the hit of the game, getting a triple and bringing life to the Union men.  Dexter scored two runs in the sixth, three in the eight and one in the ninth.  Flint was able to hold on for the win after scoring two runs in the seventh, one in the eight and one in the ninth.  Flint won the match 8-6 after a fast and exciting match.  Congrats to Flint, we look forward to seeing them again in 2015.