Walnut Grove and 300 Spectators

On Sunday July 13th, the men from Dexter packed up their bags and headed to Greenfield Village to take on the Lah-De-Dahs.  Every year the our match at Greenfield Village is a highly anticipated match.  The experience that Greenfield Village offers as part of their games, from the announcers to the hundreds of spectators that come out to watch, can't be matched.

 After a little warm up, the Union club won the coin toss and decided to strike first. The men from Dexter ended their half inning after scoring four runs and striking quite well. When it was time to take the field, the Lah-De-Dahs stepped up to the plate looking to even the score but were only able to bring two men around for tallies. Dexter managed a couple more hits in the second, but the game really got interesting when the Lah-De-Dahs managed to beat the Dexter defense for nine tallies in the second inning.

In the following six innings, the Union Base Ball Club slowly chipped away at the Lah-De-Dahs lead, eventually taking over the lead themselves. Going into the bottom of the eigth inning the Union Base Ball Club held a 20-15 lead over the hosts. With the end in sight it looked possible that the Union club in only it's third year could come away with the victory. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. The Lah-De-Dahs showed why they are one of the best clubs around and managed to score 14 tallies in the 8th inning to give themselves a comfortable lead. The Union Base Ball Club only managed one tally in the 9th inning and didn't allow the Lah-De-Dahs to score anymore to make the final score 29-21.

Huzzah to the Lah-De-Dahs on their victory, Thank you to the Lah-De-Dahs and Oxbow for their many words of encouragement and positive words about how we played this match and the direction of our club. It's always nice to hear from our peers that they see improvement and appreciate how we are playing the game. We hope all the spectators that made it out for the match had as much fun watching this closely contested match as we did being part of it!