St. Joseph Festival and Washtenaw Sheriffs

On the final Sunday of 'The Festival' at St. Joseph Catholic Church the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter welcome a group of great men and women to the church for a match of historic base ball.  On this day we welcome the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department into our historic base ball family.  They filled a void in our schedule at the last minute and were able to bring together 12 men and women ready to learn how to play base ball by the rules of the 1860's.

After 10 minutes of hearing about the rules of 1860's base ball and some batting practice, the Sheriffs were ready to go.  They won the coin toss and opted to strike first, which ended up being a great decision.  They sent all 12 of their players up to strike in the first inning, managing to bring home an impressive six for tallies.  The Union men took their turn striking and managed to get some men on base; Bucko, Mad Dog, Sea Bass and Swede, but were unable to score any tallies.

After a strong first inning, the sheriffs were not able to score another tally in the second, the first three up were put out.  Toledo lead off the second inning for Dexter and got on base with a single.  Peacekeeper and Buckeye followed him and brought him around for the first Dexter tally.  That was all that Dexter was able to tally, leaving the score 6-1 with the Sheriffs holding their lead at the end of the second inning.  The third inning saw both clubs send three players up to strike and all three player get put out.

In the fourth inning the Sheriffs were able to add a tally to their score with a long two base hit by Kyle Koenig.  For their part of the fourth inning the Union were able to get Knees around to second base, but no further than that as they did not add to their score.  The fifth and sixth innings went quickly for the visiting club as they only sent four ballists to the plate before being put out in each inning.  The men from Dexter had a better two innings, their strongest of the match.  They seemed to find their bats, for in the fifth inning nine out of their ten men struck and in the sixth 8 out of their ten men struck.  They added three tallies in each inning with some solid striking from Bucko and Buckeye.  At the end of the sixth inning we had a tie game 7-7.

The seventh inning saw the sheriffs club fight back with some fine hitting and base running, once again bring Kyle Koenig around the bases.  The Union were unable to answer, sending three men to bat and watching all three be caught out to end the inning.  The Union men must have felt some urgency as they once again showed some life in their bats.  Strong hits by Wings, Dash and Bucko set the table to Mad Dog to hit a double and add a couple tallies to the board.  After the third out was recorded, the host club added two more tallies, bringing the score to 9-8 at the top of the ninth inning.  Unfortunately the only hit the Washtenaw County Sheriffs could get in the ninth was on a single by Denny Degrand.  It wasn't enough to tie the game and extend the meeting between these two clubs.

With the victory in hand, the bottom of the ninth inning was skipped and the Union club thanked their spectators and opponents for coming out and enjoying this beautiful day with them.  Thank you to St. Joseph Catholic Church for supporting us and allowing us to be part of their Festival.  The men and women from the Sherrifs club showed they were worthy opponents and just maybe we will see them out on the field of St. Josephs again in the future!


Photos from the Festival