An afternoon with the Early Risers

On Saturday, your Union Base Ball Club of Dexter had their first match of the season at St. Joseph Catholic Church.  St. Joseph has been great to us as we start our second year of playing at the church.  On this day the men and women from the Early Riser Base Ball Club made the trip out from Detroit.  We couldn't ask for a much better day, the weather was perfect and the sun was shining.  A large showing of Early Riser family and friends showed up with the club to show their support.  They have some of the best and most loyal fans out there!

After an hour of both clubs warming up and stretching, both clubs lined up and introduced themselves to the cranks.  After introductions, Mad Dog from Dexter and Snunek from the Early Risers stepped forward and met Darryl Albright for the coin toss to determine who would take the field first.  Snunek called heads and the coin came up tails, Dexter chose to bat first as they shook hands and wished each other a great match.

Dash was the first to step the the plate for the Union club and started the game off with a single.  Prospector and Swede followed him up to the plate and drove dash in with a double and a single.  Prospector would score the second run of the inning for Dexter on a single by Crawdad.  That is all Dexter would be able to put on the scoreboard in the first inning as the defense of the Early Risers ended any thoughts of getting a couple more runs.  With the Early Risers coming to the plate, Dexter took their positions in the field.  Dexter showed some great offense and were able to get the first three batters for the Early Risers out in order.  The next 6 innings didn't go well for the Union club on offense.  For those 6 innings, they men from Dexter were only able to put 8 men on the base paths and were unable to bring anyone around to record a tally.  In that same time period, the Early Risers were hitting one single after another, working their men onto the bases.  In the fourth and sixth inning, the union men clamped down on defense and again got three quick outs.  The Early Risers still managed to put some talies on the board and take the lead.  They scored two tallies in the second inning to tie the match and added two more in the third inning to take the lead.  The men from Detroit added three more tallies in the fifth and one in the seventh inning to take a comfortable lead.

With the end of the match in sight and the Union men down by 6 runs, they rose to the challenge and didn't want to make the match easy for the Early Risers.  Although Dexter was put out twice to lead off the eighth inning, they followed that up by putting the next 6 men on the bases and were able to bring around 3 for tallies.  The Early Risers saw this quick burst of offense coming from Dexter and match it with two tallies of their own in the eighth inning.  Into the final inning with Dexter behind by 5 tallies, Knees lead off with a double to get the club fired up.  Bucko, Sea Bass and Dash all followed up with singles scoring two tallies for Dexter.  Unfortunately that would be all they would manage to score in that inning.  With the Early Risers leading by 3 tallies, there was no reason for them to bat again, as they had already won the match.

With the final score of 10-7, the Early Riser Base Ball Club walked off the field with the victory.  It was a well played match by both teams with a lot of great defense and some solid striking.  We look forward to seeing the Early Risers later in the season at Fort Wayne for their Civil War Days.