Memorial Day in Royal Oak

The Union Base Ball Club had the pleasure of participating in the Royal Oak Memorial Day gatling gun tournament for the second consecutive year.  We were joined this year by the men from the Lumber City Base Ball Club of Flint.  After a busy morning of walking in the Royal Oak parade and enjoying a nice pancake breakfast at the Farmers Market, everyone came came together at Starr Jaycee park for an exciting day of historic base ball.  This was the first match of the year for Dexter and we were pleased that it was with the men from Royal Oak.

The gatling gun tournament is a great format for allowing 3 clubs to play each other in the time frame of one match.  With the format used in Royal Oak, we only play 8 innings, but each inning has 3 'sub innings.'  That allows every club to hit, field and sit in every inning.  The winner is simply the club that scores the most runs, no matter what club they are scored against.

All three clubs started off the match making some great plays on defense and some great hits on offense.  Dexter took a lead by scoring a couple runs early, but it was quickly matched by the men of Royal Oak.  Royal Oak continued to add to their score while playing great defense.  Lumber City scored a couple runs to get on the board in the middle of the match.  In the later innings as Royal Oak continued to put up tallies, Dexter put up a fight adding some tallies and bringing the two clubs within a couple runs.  The great defense continue as all three clubs added a couple more runs.  In the end the gentlemen from Royal Oak one by a tally over Dexter.

Thank you to our hosts and for the men of Lumber City for making the trip!