First Match 2017

On Saturday May 13th the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter started their 2017 season by hosting the Canton Cornshuckers Base Ball Club.

After winning the coin toss, Canton captain 'Marbles' elected to take the field to begin the game.  Six year veteran and original member 'No Show' would get the opportunity to take the first swing of 2017 for the Union club.  With fine striking and swift feet 'No Show' would find himself standing on first.  The following two batters would also show some skilled striking and find themselves on base, but fine defense by the Cornshuckers would prevent any of those men from coming around to record a tally.  With the Canton club getting their first opportunity to swing the bats, they would also put three men on base with hits by 'Who,' 'Popeye,' and 'Marbles.'  Just like the Union club they would also be prevented from bringing any men around to touch home base, ending the first inning tied 0-0.

Through the second inning the two clubs would keep pace with each other, both getting three hits and still unable to bring anyone around all four bases.  While Dexter continued the trend by getting three hits and no runs in the third inning, Canton was able to score the first run of the game in the third by bringing 'Cocoa' around to touch home.  At the end of the third inning the score was 1-0 with Canton in the lead.

In the fourth inning the Dexter men would finally break through and put a run on the board when 'Knuckles' comes around to score after strong hits by both 'Knees' and 'Stats.'  Canton wouldn't waste any time putting an additional run on the board in their favor bring 'Iron Ore' around all four bases with additional hits by 'Tex' and 'Teddy.'  It became a back and forth match in the fifth inning with 'Mad Dog,' the captain of the Union Base Ball Club, scoring a tally after hitting for a three bagger on a throwing error to first and a base hit by 'Buckeye' batting behind him.  Going into the bottom of the fifth inning it would be tied 2-2, but again that wouldn't last long.  'Cocoa' batting at the bottom of the order for Canton would once again score a tally after being hit around the bases by 'Who' and 'Popeye.'  Thus leaving the score at the end of the fifth inning 3-2 in favor of the men from Canton.

In the sixth inning the Union would see their first lead as they are able to score two tallies by bringing 'No Show' and 'Swede' around the four bags with supporting hits by 'Knees' and 'Knuckles.'  Unfortunately that is the last time that the score would be close.  Starting in the bottom of the sixth inning the Cornshuckers would score 15 runs in the final four innings.  Everyone for Canton would show some fine striking and base running as almost every one of their members would get on base at least twice over the final four innings.  After the sixth inning the Union men would only be able to put one more tally on the board as they brought 'Bucko' around the bases in the seventh inning.  Canton showed great defense allowing the Union to only get five more hits over the final three innings.

In the end the Canton Cornshuckers left Dexter with a solid 18-5 win over the Union Base Ball Club.  A great time was had by all in the first ever meeting between these two clubs.  It was a great day for base ball and both clubs showed great spirit and sportsmanship,  We look forward to seeing the Cornshuckers again in the future and wish them luck on their rest of their 2017 season.

Dexter Daze 2015

On a warm Saturday as part of Dexter Daze the Union men were excited to take the field after having the previous week off.  With their scheduled opponent unable to make the trip, captain Honest Jon from Chelsea was able to pull together a group of Monitors and Merries in less than 48 hours to prevent Dexter from having to cancel the match.  We are extremely grateful for their willingness to help us out on an off weekend.  It was a very fun and relaxed match between the two clubs with just as many high fives as great plays.  Chelsea struck well and often taking the lead and never looking back.  Dexter did manage to have their strongest inning in the ninth and with the opportunity to bat last put a couple tallies on the board to keep it interesting.  In the end they fell 3 runs short to the group from Chelsea.  Matches like these are why we play historic base ball.  Just some friends getting together and having fun, joking and sharing a meal.  It was a beautiful day and we owe a huge HUZZAH to the men and women from Chelsea that came out to the field at St. Joseph.  We look forward to seeing the Monitors at our next match in Chelsea on August 29th.

* A representative from the Saginaw Old Golds was present and played with the Chelsea club for this match.  We hear he goes by 'Tree Trunk,' but we prefer 'Stains.'  He was a fine ballist and an even finer gentlemen.  Thanks for spending the day with us Stains!

You can check out photos from the match by going here

Base Ball at 'The Corner'

On this Sunday the men put on their uniform a little earlier than usual and headed down to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull for their match against the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak.  Both clubs showed up earlier to take part in a wedding at the field between two members of the Navin Field Grounds Crew.  (For those unfamiliar with the NFGC, they are a group of volunteers that took an empty lot full of weeds where Tiger Stadium once stood and turned it back into a baseball field.)  The clubs were pleased to be included in the wedding and provided a tunnel of bats for the bride to arrive under and lined the field during the ceremony.

After the 'I do's' were given and a little clean up, the two clubs took to the field for introductions followed by the Union Base Ball Club taking to bat first.  The men from Dexter had some great hits, but the Wahoos made even better plays to keep them from scoring any runs in the first inning.  When the Wahoo Base Ball Club got their turn to swing the bat, they were able to do more with their time at the plate.  They were able to score three runs before the Dexter defense was able to end the inning.  The second inning went very much the same as the first for both clubs.  The Union were unable to score a run and the Wahoos were able to add two runs, bring the score to 5-0 after two innings.  Neither club was able to score a run in the third inning, but Dexter finally got on the board in the fourth when they were able to bring one tally across the plate.  They weren't able to make much of  a dent in the lead held by Royal Oak, as they added three tallies of their own in the fourth inning.

The fifth, sixth and seventh inning were quick innings without a lot going on.  The Wahoos were able to add two tallies during those innings, while the men from Dexter were not able to bring anyone across the plate.  Dexter started off the eighth inning and their bats finally came to life with single after single working their way around the bases.  The managed to bring around two more tallies.  After keeping the Royal Oak men from scoring in the eighth, Dexter came up to bat in the ninth with one last chance.  They were able to score one tally, but that wasn't enough to keep the match going.  Royal Oak walked off this historic field without even having to bat in the ninth inning.  The Wahoos won the match with a final score of 10-4.  Huzzah to them, we will see them more before the end of the season.

A Sunday Eclipse

The men from Dexter ventured out to Northville for a match on what ended up being a very nice day for base ball after spots of rain in the morning.  After discussing home rules which include a hill and stairway in right field that make for interesting at bats for left handed strikers, we were ready to get the match underway.

Dexter started the match strong scoring a run in each of the first two innings, but ran into troubles after that.  Northville came out striking well and kept it going until they had a comfortable lead.  By the end of the fourth inning, the Eclipse were up by 9 runs and they never looked back.  The Union men were able to score a couple more tallies in the later inning, but Northville held them off to grab the victory on this exciting day of historic base ball.  

Thank you to our friends and hosts from the Eclipse, we look forward to seeing you in Dexter a month from now.

St. Joseph Festival and Washtenaw Sheriffs

On the final Sunday of 'The Festival' at St. Joseph Catholic Church the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter welcome a group of great men and women to the church for a match of historic base ball.  On this day we welcome the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department into our historic base ball family.  They filled a void in our schedule at the last minute and were able to bring together 12 men and women ready to learn how to play base ball by the rules of the 1860's.

After 10 minutes of hearing about the rules of 1860's base ball and some batting practice, the Sheriffs were ready to go.  They won the coin toss and opted to strike first, which ended up being a great decision.  They sent all 12 of their players up to strike in the first inning, managing to bring home an impressive six for tallies.  The Union men took their turn striking and managed to get some men on base; Bucko, Mad Dog, Sea Bass and Swede, but were unable to score any tallies.

After a strong first inning, the sheriffs were not able to score another tally in the second, the first three up were put out.  Toledo lead off the second inning for Dexter and got on base with a single.  Peacekeeper and Buckeye followed him and brought him around for the first Dexter tally.  That was all that Dexter was able to tally, leaving the score 6-1 with the Sheriffs holding their lead at the end of the second inning.  The third inning saw both clubs send three players up to strike and all three player get put out.

In the fourth inning the Sheriffs were able to add a tally to their score with a long two base hit by Kyle Koenig.  For their part of the fourth inning the Union were able to get Knees around to second base, but no further than that as they did not add to their score.  The fifth and sixth innings went quickly for the visiting club as they only sent four ballists to the plate before being put out in each inning.  The men from Dexter had a better two innings, their strongest of the match.  They seemed to find their bats, for in the fifth inning nine out of their ten men struck and in the sixth 8 out of their ten men struck.  They added three tallies in each inning with some solid striking from Bucko and Buckeye.  At the end of the sixth inning we had a tie game 7-7.

The seventh inning saw the sheriffs club fight back with some fine hitting and base running, once again bring Kyle Koenig around the bases.  The Union were unable to answer, sending three men to bat and watching all three be caught out to end the inning.  The Union men must have felt some urgency as they once again showed some life in their bats.  Strong hits by Wings, Dash and Bucko set the table to Mad Dog to hit a double and add a couple tallies to the board.  After the third out was recorded, the host club added two more tallies, bringing the score to 9-8 at the top of the ninth inning.  Unfortunately the only hit the Washtenaw County Sheriffs could get in the ninth was on a single by Denny Degrand.  It wasn't enough to tie the game and extend the meeting between these two clubs.

With the victory in hand, the bottom of the ninth inning was skipped and the Union club thanked their spectators and opponents for coming out and enjoying this beautiful day with them.  Thank you to St. Joseph Catholic Church for supporting us and allowing us to be part of their Festival.  The men and women from the Sherrifs club showed they were worthy opponents and just maybe we will see them out on the field of St. Josephs again in the future!


Photos from the Festival


Walnut Grove and 300 Spectators

On Sunday July 13th, the men from Dexter packed up their bags and headed to Greenfield Village to take on the Lah-De-Dahs.  Every year the our match at Greenfield Village is a highly anticipated match.  The experience that Greenfield Village offers as part of their games, from the announcers to the hundreds of spectators that come out to watch, can't be matched.

 After a little warm up, the Union club won the coin toss and decided to strike first. The men from Dexter ended their half inning after scoring four runs and striking quite well. When it was time to take the field, the Lah-De-Dahs stepped up to the plate looking to even the score but were only able to bring two men around for tallies. Dexter managed a couple more hits in the second, but the game really got interesting when the Lah-De-Dahs managed to beat the Dexter defense for nine tallies in the second inning.

In the following six innings, the Union Base Ball Club slowly chipped away at the Lah-De-Dahs lead, eventually taking over the lead themselves. Going into the bottom of the eigth inning the Union Base Ball Club held a 20-15 lead over the hosts. With the end in sight it looked possible that the Union club in only it's third year could come away with the victory. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. The Lah-De-Dahs showed why they are one of the best clubs around and managed to score 14 tallies in the 8th inning to give themselves a comfortable lead. The Union Base Ball Club only managed one tally in the 9th inning and didn't allow the Lah-De-Dahs to score anymore to make the final score 29-21.

Huzzah to the Lah-De-Dahs on their victory, Thank you to the Lah-De-Dahs and Oxbow for their many words of encouragement and positive words about how we played this match and the direction of our club. It's always nice to hear from our peers that they see improvement and appreciate how we are playing the game. We hope all the spectators that made it out for the match had as much fun watching this closely contested match as we did being part of it!


From Flint to Dexter

This was the third and final meeting in 2014 between the Lumber City Base Ball Club of Flint and the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter.  The day started with rain and looked like it was not going to be a good day for base ball, but the two clubs agreed to to play and it ended up being a beautiful day in Dexter.

On this day, the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter was without their captain Donovan 'Mad Dog' Hill.  Greg 'No Show' Gould would fill in as captain for the day and welcome the men from Flint to St. Joes.  No Show did a great job filling in as captain and we thank him for his leadership.

The match started with Flint batting and they managed to send six men up to bat.  They were able to strike for five singles, bringing two around before Dexter was able to get the third out.  When Dexter got to bat in the first, sending four men up to the plate and only managing one hit on a single by Bucko.  In the second inning, the Union struck for three singles, but were still unable to put any tallies on the board.  The men from Dexter continued to struggle hitting as they only hit for three more singles through the end of the fifth inning, still unable to bring any tallies across the plate.

After starting the game strong, the Flint men struggled for a couple innings before getting back around the bases.  They managed to get seven singles, with 'smoothie' contributing for three of those.  Flint was able to add two more tallies with a strong fifth inning, bringing the score to 4-0 at the end of the fifth.

In the sixth inning Dexter begun to show signs of life and they started hitting the ball and getting around the bases.  After a single by Buckeye, Dash had the hit of the game, getting a triple and bringing life to the Union men.  Dexter scored two runs in the sixth, three in the eight and one in the ninth.  Flint was able to hold on for the win after scoring two runs in the seventh, one in the eight and one in the ninth.  Flint won the match 8-6 after a fast and exciting match.  Congrats to Flint, we look forward to seeing them again in 2015.


Gatling Gun in Chelsea

Three clubs came together in Chelsea for a Gatling Gun Tournament, the visiting Union Base Ball Club of Dexter along with the Continental Base Ball Club of Kalamazoo joined the home club Monitor Base Ball Club of Chelsea.

Before the match started, the three clubs took part in a Chelsea tradition of doing some skill competitions.  The two skills competitions today were a 'fleetest foot'', a relay of 3 players from each club racing around the bases for the best overall time.  The second skills competition was to see who could catch the most fly balls (not on the bound) in 90 seconds.  Each club had one batter and one man in the field catching the fly balls.  Dexter was fortunate enough to win the 'fleetest foot' by less than one second and also took the fly ball challenge, with 11 caught fly balls in 90 seconds.

That was the where Dexter's success ended for the day.  While the men from Dexter played solid defense, they were unable to get many hits and ended up coming in 3rd place in the tournament.  Kalamazoo came away with the win, scoring over 20 tallies.  Congrats to the men from Kalamazoo and thank you to Chelsea for play host and for providing us with a great meal afterwards.

An afternoon with the Early Risers

On Saturday, your Union Base Ball Club of Dexter had their first match of the season at St. Joseph Catholic Church.  St. Joseph has been great to us as we start our second year of playing at the church.  On this day the men and women from the Early Riser Base Ball Club made the trip out from Detroit.  We couldn't ask for a much better day, the weather was perfect and the sun was shining.  A large showing of Early Riser family and friends showed up with the club to show their support.  They have some of the best and most loyal fans out there!

After an hour of both clubs warming up and stretching, both clubs lined up and introduced themselves to the cranks.  After introductions, Mad Dog from Dexter and Snunek from the Early Risers stepped forward and met Darryl Albright for the coin toss to determine who would take the field first.  Snunek called heads and the coin came up tails, Dexter chose to bat first as they shook hands and wished each other a great match.

Dash was the first to step the the plate for the Union club and started the game off with a single.  Prospector and Swede followed him up to the plate and drove dash in with a double and a single.  Prospector would score the second run of the inning for Dexter on a single by Crawdad.  That is all Dexter would be able to put on the scoreboard in the first inning as the defense of the Early Risers ended any thoughts of getting a couple more runs.  With the Early Risers coming to the plate, Dexter took their positions in the field.  Dexter showed some great offense and were able to get the first three batters for the Early Risers out in order.  The next 6 innings didn't go well for the Union club on offense.  For those 6 innings, they men from Dexter were only able to put 8 men on the base paths and were unable to bring anyone around to record a tally.  In that same time period, the Early Risers were hitting one single after another, working their men onto the bases.  In the fourth and sixth inning, the union men clamped down on defense and again got three quick outs.  The Early Risers still managed to put some talies on the board and take the lead.  They scored two tallies in the second inning to tie the match and added two more in the third inning to take the lead.  The men from Detroit added three more tallies in the fifth and one in the seventh inning to take a comfortable lead.

With the end of the match in sight and the Union men down by 6 runs, they rose to the challenge and didn't want to make the match easy for the Early Risers.  Although Dexter was put out twice to lead off the eighth inning, they followed that up by putting the next 6 men on the bases and were able to bring around 3 for tallies.  The Early Risers saw this quick burst of offense coming from Dexter and match it with two tallies of their own in the eighth inning.  Into the final inning with Dexter behind by 5 tallies, Knees lead off with a double to get the club fired up.  Bucko, Sea Bass and Dash all followed up with singles scoring two tallies for Dexter.  Unfortunately that would be all they would manage to score in that inning.  With the Early Risers leading by 3 tallies, there was no reason for them to bat again, as they had already won the match.

With the final score of 10-7, the Early Riser Base Ball Club walked off the field with the victory.  It was a well played match by both teams with a lot of great defense and some solid striking.  We look forward to seeing the Early Risers later in the season at Fort Wayne for their Civil War Days.

Civil War Days Hosting Chelsea

On the final Sunday of the 2014 Civil War Days the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter was to host the Monitor Base Ball Club of Chelsea from just down the railroad tracks.  The day started off with plenty of rain and it wasn't looking like a good day for base ball at Gordon Hall.  The two clubs were determined to play their first match together of 2014 and the weather cleared up around noon and allowed plenty of time for the field to dry out for a perfect day of historic base ball.

After some warming up and finding out what our friends from Chelsea have been up to since last season, both clubs lined up and introduced themselves to the cranks that turned out for this annual event.  Umpire Darryl 'Foul Ball' Albright stepped onto the field to flip the coin and determine who would bat first.  Captain 'Honest Jon' called tails and got the coin to fall in his favor, opting for the Monitors to take the field first.  Dexter stepped up to the plate in the first looking for a strong start, something they have been missing so far this year.  The Union men were able to do just that, taking advantage of some errors and strong hitting.  Dexter sent 7 men up to the plate in the first inning, bringing 3 of them around for tallies.  Chelsea ran off the field ready to take their turn at bat in the first inning, sending captain 'Honest Jon' to start off.  Chelesa matched Dexter step for step at bat, making some solid hits and showing some fine base running skills.  Ten Monitors batted in the first inning, bringing four home for tallies, allowing Chelsea to end the first with a 4-3 lead.

The second inning saw both clubs cooling off a bit at bat and stepping up on defense as both clubs only sent a handful of men up to bat and neither club scored.  Sea Bass started off the third inning for Dexter, hitting safely and making his way around all the bases, scoring one of the two tallies Dexter had in that inning.  Hawgcooker started off the inning for Chelsea and like Sea Bass was able to get on base and come all the way around for a tally.  Unfortunately for Chelsea that was the only tally they would get that inning, ending the third tied 5-5 with Dexter.  The fourth inning was a big inning for Dexter as their bats seemed to really come alive and find all the right spots to hit to.  Ten Union ballists stepped up to bat and five of them came all the way home for tallies.  With a comfortable lead and a little confidence the men from Dexter took the field and were able to limit Chelsea to one tally made by Kid crossing all the bases.  Going into the beginning of the fifth inning, Dexter held a 10-6 lead.  Dexter continued where they left off in the fourth inning, watching as Buckeye started off the fifth and made his way around all the bases scoring a tally for Dexter.  They would score two more before the inning was over as Prospector and Stats also find themselves scoring tallies for the Union.  Chelsea started off their half of the fifth inning with their first two batters Hawgcooker and Lumberjack striking well and scoring two tallies for Chelsea.  That is all Chelsea would be able to bring in during the fifth inning as Dexter quickly got three outs to end that inning.  The sixth inning would be a quiet one for both clubs, between the two clubs only 9 men would step up to the plate with bat in hand and only Chelsea was able to score one tally, making the score 13-9 in favor of Dexter at the end of the sixth.

The seventh inning would see Dexter adding one more tally to the scoreboard as Sea Bass navigates his way around the bases again.  The bottom half of the inning unfortunately would not go well for the men wearing the Royal Blue D.  Chelsea would send seven men up to bat before Dexter was able to get the first out of the inning.  Seven more men for Chelsea swung at the ball before Dexter would get the third and final out of the inning.  Credit goes to the Chelsea men for their fine striking.  It was not for a lack of effort by Dexter that so many Chelsea men found themselves standing on a base.  The Monitor bats were striking the ball well and getting it onto the ground and in between the defense.  When the inning was over the Monitors had put ten more tallies onto the board, giving them a 19-13 lead.  Dexter knew with only three innings left, they needed to do something now if they wanted to give Chelsea a challenge.  They came out in the eighth and struck well, getting eight men on the bases, but only bringing three in for a tally.  Luckily for Dexter, Chelsea was only able to get five men up to bat before three outs were made.  No Monitors made it across home plate, so their lead stood at 19-16.

Unfortunately for Dexter, they were unable to score any runs in the ninth inning.  Chelsea walked off the field with the 19-16 win and undefeated against Dexter at Civil War Days.  Immediate congratulations were given to Chelsea on their fine play and impressive scoring.  The Dexter and Chelsea clubs are great friends often practicing together and seeing each other on the field often, so we are happy for our friends.  It's always a great day when we get to play Chelsea and it was an exciting match all the way to the very end.  Both clubs sat down and relived the match as we enjoyed some fine food in the tent behind Gordon Hall.

Thank you to the Dexter Area Historical Society and Museum or putting on this fine even and our friends from the Monitors for making the short trip to Dexter for the day.  Huzzah to all involved including Darryl our umpire and Mary Anne our tally keeper.

Swinging the lumber in Flint

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of traveling up north to visit the men of Flint on their home field.  This was the first time that Dexter has made the trip to Flint after seeing the club for the first time in Royal Oak the week before.

After winning the bat toss Dexter chose to take the field first.  Lumber City started the game strong, coming out of the gate swinging their bats well and scoring multiple tallies.  Lumber City struck well placed balls, always managing to find the gaps in the defense.  When the Union men got a chance to strike, they had a couple of strong strikes, but were unable to bring anyone across home plate.  The second inning went much the same as the first.  Lumber City continued to get one man after another onto the bases and around, as well as making great plays in the field keeping Dexter from scoring any tallies.  It wasn't until half way through the game after Flint already had a commanding lead that Dexter started to strike well and get men moving around the bases.  The Flint bats had a consistently strong day, scoring multiple tallies in every inning, while Dexter only had a couple of strong innings near the end of the match.  In the end, Dexter put up around 15 runs, but were still out done by many, many tallies.  A big Huzzah to Flint for their strong play on both sides of the ball, they play a great game for a second year club!  We look forward to seeing them again later in the season in Dexter!

Memorial Day in Royal Oak

The Union Base Ball Club had the pleasure of participating in the Royal Oak Memorial Day gatling gun tournament for the second consecutive year.  We were joined this year by the men from the Lumber City Base Ball Club of Flint.  After a busy morning of walking in the Royal Oak parade and enjoying a nice pancake breakfast at the Farmers Market, everyone came came together at Starr Jaycee park for an exciting day of historic base ball.  This was the first match of the year for Dexter and we were pleased that it was with the men from Royal Oak.

The gatling gun tournament is a great format for allowing 3 clubs to play each other in the time frame of one match.  With the format used in Royal Oak, we only play 8 innings, but each inning has 3 'sub innings.'  That allows every club to hit, field and sit in every inning.  The winner is simply the club that scores the most runs, no matter what club they are scored against.

All three clubs started off the match making some great plays on defense and some great hits on offense.  Dexter took a lead by scoring a couple runs early, but it was quickly matched by the men of Royal Oak.  Royal Oak continued to add to their score while playing great defense.  Lumber City scored a couple runs to get on the board in the middle of the match.  In the later innings as Royal Oak continued to put up tallies, Dexter put up a fight adding some tallies and bringing the two clubs within a couple runs.  The great defense continue as all three clubs added a couple more runs.  In the end the gentlemen from Royal Oak one by a tally over Dexter.

Thank you to our hosts and for the men of Lumber City for making the trip!

Spectator Feedback

We will get this blog up and running once the season is underway.  We will keep everyone updated on our matches as well as what we are doing off of the field.  If there is anything you would like for us to talk about or share with our spectators, please send us an email and give us feedback.  You can email Donovan 'Mad Dog' Hill at