Nickname: Mad Dog
Name: Donovan Hill
Meaning Behind Nickname:  Not nearly as good of a story as everyone else... ‘Mad Dog’ is a character from the movie ‘Back to the Future’ living in the Wild West.
Joined: 2012
Baseball Experience: T-Ball, Coaches pitch
Occupation: Outside Sales at Fingerle Lumber

Nickname:  No Show
Name:  Greg Gould
Meaning Behind Nickname:  It's a self deprecating nickname I gave myself for missing our first two practices as a team due to work obligations.  Plus, I wanted something unique.
Joined: 2012
Baseball Experience:  No baseball experience in the last 25 years
Occupation:  I manage/develop a regional sales team for Aflac out of SE Michigan

Nickname:  Buckeye
Name:  Eric Durliat
Meaning Behind Nickname:  It was my Grandfather's nickname given to him by his high school classmates
Joined: 2012
Baseball Experience:  High School Baseball, Rec Softball, CoEd Softball, Over 30 Church League Softball
Occupation:  Fire Suppression Sales and Engineering Manager

Nickname:  Swede
Name:  James K. Sprague
Meaning Behind Nickname:  Homage to brilliant yet taciturn Swedish Engineer-inventor grandfather
Joined:  2012
Baseball experience:  Little League for two years, Company softball for four years.
Occupation:  engineer-accident reconstruction

Nickname:  Knees
Name:  Marc Stankov
Meaning Behind Nickname:  Bad knees for last ten years, osteoarthritis and knee damage; "Have you ever seen me run?"
Joined: 2013
Baseball Experience:  Played baseball when young in little league and pony league, As adult played fast pitch softball for 30+ years and coached girls fast pitch softball for five years
Occupation:  Semi retired but work as director of nonprofit agency dealing with property management and maintenance

Great to have this chance to get back on the base ball diamond once again and thank the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter for the opportunity!


Nickname:  Hogwash
Name:  Jerry Paulissen
Meaning Behind Nickname:  Hybrid of being a Razorback fan and a statistician
Joined: 2013
Baseball Experience:  Playing and coaching Little League, 20+ years of softball
Occupation:  Statistician

Nickname:  Knuckles
Name:  Brian Miller
Meaning Behind Nickname:  The nickname represents my lifelong cracking of my knuckles
Joined: 2013
Baseball Experience:  I played hardball up until college, then softball until I turned 50.
Occupation:  I am retired and now teach part-time at WCC in the Philosophy Dept. as well as tutor high school students in composition, analytical writing, and literature.

Nickname: Stats
Name: Keith Perreault
Meaning Behind Nickname: I'm a numbers guy, always tracking my stats.
Joined: 2013
Baseball Experience: The full little league run including travel baseball for Brighton.  Then, some amateur baseball and men's softball as an adult.
Occupation: Database Analyst for Citi.

Nickname:  Bucko
Name:  Ben Martin
Meaning Behind Nickname:  Given to me by my uncle as a kid.
Joined: 2013
Baseball Experience:  2 years of little league baseball til I started bowling, Played 1 season of softball in 2006.
Occupation:  I work as a Powertrain OBD Technician at the Toyota Technical Center. My job is in fuel economy testing.


Nickname:  Doughboy
Name:  Darin Dumas
Meaning Behind Nickname:  I suppose it's because i'm a baker at Costco and I look young for my age
Joined:  2015
Baseball Experience:  Little League and one year of high school baseball
Occupation:  Baker at Costco for the last 10 years


Name:  Darryl 'Foul Ball' Albright

Umpire Since:  2012

Name:  Mary Anne Stankov

Tally Keeper Since:  2014



Janice Pearson  (2012-2013) Tally Keeper

Bob 'Crankshaft' Wilker  (2012)

George 'Lefty' McQuistion  (2012)

Mark 'Sprocket' Olexa  (2012-2013)

Paul 'Toledo' Paliani  (2012-2013)

Brian 'Crawdad' Koval (2012-2014)

Tom 'Tomahawk' Covert (2013-2014)

John 'Sea Bass' Gouin (2012-2015)

John 'Wings' Lasecki (2012-2015)

Jason 'PeaceKeeper' Endyke (2014-2015)

Daniel 'Legs' Borener (2015)

Zach 'Copper' Allen (2015)

Sean 'Dash' Myint (2013-2015)

Jim 'Dandy' Novak (2015-2016)

Corey 'Detail' Symons (2016)

Brad 'Prospector' Oliver (2013-2014, 2016)

Sean 'Tater' Campbell (2016-2017)